The new record from Jim Lampos


The new record from Jim Lampos has arrived. Sixteen new original songs. beautifully recorded, capturing Jim live in the studio. Dynamic and direct; featuring his fingerstyle guitar, evocative vocals, and poetic lyrics. Engineered by Larry Buksbaum, this record captures Jim at his best.


Cosmogram is currently being played on 120 radio stations! It's already reached #16 on WSIA's charts, #15 on WMTU, #30 on WVIA, and #29 on KZMU See a list of who's playing it in your area.


"Delightful lyrics and excellent acoustic guitar riffs"--Zoe Montana, RADIOIO Acoustic

"Given his previous efforts, I'm always expecting something wonderful. And it seems that I've always forgotten just how amazing Lampos' songs are, because everytime I hear them I'm knocked out all over again. Sometimes the great just keep getting greater." --Jon Worley, Aiding and Abetting

"This CD catches you from the beginning and draws you in. It also stands up to repeated listens;...if you like your music straight up and dark with a twist of intelligence and a faint glimmer of hope and beauty, you'll be playing this one over and over." Kevin Filan, Starvox

"It is a perfect combination of acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals. A must have, if you ask me." Darker Than The Bat"

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Jim Lampos in concert at Sidwalk Cafe in NYC, June 7, 2005.

About Cosmogram:
Cosmogram, the fifth CD from acclaimed songwriter Jim Lampos, is a guide to roads less travelled and paths from another era. It is an intensely personal, introspective, direct set of songs, with a subtle political theme centred on the betrayal of the American ideal.

These songs each contain a map, describing the terrain they live on. There is a physical space that they move through, quite literally in some cases. Most of the record moves along the Post Road, which was marked by Benjamin Franklin himself, who personally laid milestones along its route to help the Post Riders gauge the distances between towns. Taking a measure by Franklin's standard is a philosophical touchstone, to be relished in these politically turbulent days.

Today, the Post Road runs past scrapyards and bucolic town greens, graveyards, schools, churches and jails down through New England, into New York, where it passes directly in front of Ground Zero.

Cosmogram is about dualities: light and shadow, honor and ruthlessness, truth and lies, love and bitterness. It tells of the cycle of seasons and the natural world, and also acknowledges the gritty surreality of the manufactured, industrialized realities. These songs see the flower struggling up through the cracks in the sidewalk, and the homeless person dying within reach of it. Not pretty, but real.

Ultimately, Cosmogram is about topography, about finding "the lay of the land" in both a physical and a spiritual sense. It's about knowing where the solid, high ground is before the deluge hits.

Franklin's Milestone, Riding with Destiny Ithaca, Winter Circle, Walking On My Hands, Digging In the Garden, Wastelands , Barroom Nights & Highway Days, Happy Hour, Who Will Save Me?, Act of God, Belle of Freetown, Learning to Read, Hidden Transfixed and Transformed, Autumn Comes Again to New England, Hoof It On Home.


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