Murder ballads, songs of lost loves and hope eternal.

January 31st, 2004
The Lucky Cat
245 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY
10.00 pm

Mikaela's solo shows are a melancholy mix of traditional and original songs that explore the moodier side of life.  Listeners can expect a blend of murder ballads, traditional vodou chants and other dark folk/blues influences, plus a bunch of new originals in the same vein. There's also a song cycle in the works featuring the words of female poets and priestesses from times long past.  Tales of desperate characters,  tortured souls, and eerie encounters.  Solo voice and autoharp.

Listen to a streaming .wma of  Heretofore, recorded live at CB's Gallery 8/4/2000.

Mikaela is also the lead singer of  C U R S E.

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